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Structural features brakes processing equipment
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2018-12-04 16:30
Our main tool accessories, brakes processing equipment, hydraulic semi-automatic lathes, hydraulic multi-tool lathes, etc., as we detail below brakes processing equipment Features: 1. turret brakes processing equipment 30% tilt turret, rigid, Chip smooth, pleasant and good operation. 2. Xiang Gang rail brakes for high precision machining equipment rigid foot, high-precision machine position, rigid foot, X, Z direction rapid traverse speed can be up to 8m / min. 3. The high-precision spindle bearings ball bearings used in all groups, the maximum spindle speed of up to 3000r / min. 4. brakes machine configuration domestic high-precision machining equipment electric tool, tool change time 0.3 seconds, low price and good reliability. 5. spindle automatic lubrication Spindle low temperature, and does not require routine lubrication maintenance. 6. collet chuck and a variety of workpiece clamping by hydraulic control for users to choose. 7. fully enclosed protective structure attractive appearance and pleasant. 8. The machine can be configured to Beijing CASNUC2000TD CNC system can also be configured user-specific CNC system. 9. The main drive system using AC induction motor inverter technology, inverter configuration Kymmene and frequency control induction motors. Adjustable main motor to 3000-1000r / min, with a ribbed belt direct drive spindle, no noise, smooth motion, achieving variable speed spindle. AC spindle system can also be used and the spindle motor to achieve stepless spindle. 10. Users can configure automatic chip removal system requirements, using the right chip, suitable for small and medium machine steady loading requirements. Company quality first, customer first, integrity-based entrepreneurial spirit, ready to welcome new and old customers to visit the Company to negotiate. We will sincerely for your service.
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YINZHOU CO., LTD. (YINZHOU), located in YANTAI, SHANDONG Province, designs, engineers, and manufactures Brake disc & drum for Vehicle Brake System. The company concentrates in highly efficient brake parts. Our innovative and diligently working staff are striving closely to offer consistent, reliable and superior performance brake parts. The manufacturing process controls according to ISO9001, the art-of-the-state equipment and technology, ensure that the internal passages of all brake disc and drum are properly anti-rust treated, strongly boxed, and premium for shipping, storage, performance. That guarantees the quality and performance of all products meet or exceed OE standards. Continuous improvement programs are an integral part of the quality management system. All staff are encouraged to participate in team activities, striving for efficiency, product quality and always looking for ways to improve the management and manufacturing process. The confidence generates from YINZHOU’s concentration in 5S philosophy, Safety, Supply, Service, Support, and, Success. We have the resources, the staff, and the environment to make customer satisfaction flourish. Our number one priority is to focus on the needs and requirements of our customers. YINZHOU keeps fully committed to delivering to customers feasible, reliable, economical brake parts solutions. Specifically designed modules allow for rapid changeover of parts, smaller production runs and stock management at optimum customer levels, which provide more flexibility, quicker response to market demands, ideally to suit the diverse range of products required for after-market, and has enabled YINZHOU to look for exports markets requiring niche manufacturing expertise and versatility. Essential to being world competitive are the innovations in technologies and development of new and advanced products. YINZHOU invests a high percentage of revenues into R&D and staff career training. You’re welcome!
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